Things Fall Apart: Colonizing Africa

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This novel looks at the story of Nigeria as the British first started colonizing Africa. It looks at the rich history of the Igbo people through their language, music, farming, and culture, and how that all changes when the missionaries arrived. Students will research the effects of Colonialism on Africa and its last effects on education, farming, government, and self identity. The unit culminates with an in depth study of MARVEL's Black Panther. This film imagines a society that developed without British colonization​, and flourished. We'll do research into the costuming of the different tribes of Wakanda and how they represent different areas of Africa. Students will look at feminism in Black Panther and strong women as role models for African American girls. And finally, the idea of an Anti-villain and if Erik Killmonger is the real hero of the story. Materials: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Streaming service like Disney+ or Amazon to watch Black Panther Annotation Tools: Pen or pencil Highlighters in various colors Sticky notes Sticky flags

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