The Crucible: Witch Hunts in History

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During the 1950's, Senator Joseph McCarthy carried out what many believed was a modern-day witch hunt. He was searching for Communists in America. Many he accused lost their jobs or were blacklisted from future employment, even though they had no ties to the Communist Party. One of the people targeted by "McCarthyism" was Arthur Miller. This led him to write his play "The Crucible." As we read "The Crucible", we'll study McCarthyism and The Red Scare more in depth. We'll also learn about the history of the Puritans, their firm beliefs in God, and their strict way of life. Students we'll begin to understand how these beliefs could lead to the witch hunts that came about in Salem. We'll also study the structure of the play itself, looking at stage direction, characterization, and plot structure. Materials: The Crucible by Arthur Miller Annotation Tools: Pen or pencil Highlighters in various colors Sticky notes Sticky flags

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