Boy by Roald Dahl: Personal Narratives

7 Weeks

  • Starts Jan 4, 2022
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Roald Dahl had some grand adventures that shaped how he wrote his fabulous children’s novels. As we read Boy and learn about how he almost chopped off his nose, poisoned his brother-in-law, was a taste tester for Cadbury’s, and was a professional toilet seat warmer, students will see how these experiences led to the beloved characters and plots in his books. As we read his narratives, we’ll be critiquing them for sensory details, dialogue, and word choice. Observe how he begins and ends each of the anecdotes, and then apply those techniques to our own writing. Students will brainstorm ideas for their own personal narratives, narrow down the topics, then revise and edit to a final draft worthy to share with the class. Materials: Boy by Roald Dahl Annotation Tools: Pen or Pencil Sticky Notes Various Highlighters Sticky Flags

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