Animal Farm: Thinking Critically

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George Orwell's novel is an allegory for life in Russia. He imagined Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky, and Vladimir Lenin, as well as many other key players in the the revolution, as animals on a farm. Hogs making promises to chickens they could keep their eggs, then breaking those promises. Donkeys putting in all the hard work, believing that communism will work, while watching the pigs get fatter. And a cat, doing nothing but purr, and voting for both sides. We'll study the key players and find the parallels in Russian history, map out the downfall of the farm, and figure out what did and did not work. We'll study the definition of Satire, both within this story and in pop culture today. And then we'll take a look at propaganda and how both the story and the Russian Government used it to sway the opinions of the sheep. Materials: Animal Farm by George Orwell Annotation Tools: Pen or Pencil Highlighters in Various Colors Sticky Notes Sticky Flags

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