My Roadschooling Dream

This is the day I brought home my new-to-me Forest River RPod.

Besides the joy of being creative with my lesson planning, working with amazing kids, and being my own boss, there was another reason I wanted to start my own business. That was so that I could travel. Every summer, spring break, and winter holiday was falling into the same pattern for me. I would go to my parents or sit at home. A few years ago I discovered EF Tours and I was finally able to travel to Europe and Costa Rica chaperoning field trips, but then Covid-19 hit and squashed those plans (hopefully only temporarily).

As a teacher, I was living paycheck to paycheck. There was enough to let me live comfortably each month and put aside some for savings to go on vacation. However, those vacations never seemed to happen because there was always an air conditioner that needed to be replaced or new tires to buy for the car or a toilet pipe burst and flooded the neighbor below and the POA swindled you into believing that you were responsible for paying... I've said too much and you get my point. That savings always went to something else and that vacation never happened.

I started to dread summer vacation.

When schools closed due to Covid-19 and we went virtual, my mom said I should temporarily move to the mountain and live on the lake with them. If I was virtual, then I could teach from anywhere. So I packed up my stuff, made the drive, and parked myself on their back deck with my webcam. I recorded videos for my school library with the trees as my background. I attended staff meetings from picnic tables at the marina. And I realized I was still able to do my job just as well from here as I could in person.

That was really when I started dreaming about creating this on-the-road business.


Fast forward a year and a half, I've quit my full-time teaching job, sold my condo, and I've purchased my trailer. I'm now in the process of making it mine. Here's what the inside looked like to start with. I call it brown on gray on brown. Not my style.

As you can tell from my website, I'm all about the bright colors.

The brownish-gray had to go!!

Over the past few weeks, I have painting away, getting rid of that darkest color brown. The main, new color is a white with the tiniest drop of blue in it.

The plan for the kitchen cabinets is to paint them a bright pink called Dragonfruit. Doesn't that sound fabulous! Of course, as soon as I was about to start that, the heavens opened and it rained for a week. So I took the time to hang wallpaper. I had a bit left over and used it on the front of the fridge. My parents' dog, Lucca, lended a helping hand.

The rain has finally stopped. The sun is shining. And temperatures are proclaiming

"it's autumn!"

So back out to the camper I go today to finish the pink cabinets, much to the dismay of my father. ("You're never going to sell this thing, it's too girly!") Mom is finishing the sofa cushion (I hope). And soon I will start hanging fairy lights and decorations.

Check back soon for the final tour. I can wait to start my journey as a Roadschooling Teacher.

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