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Policies & Expectations



The tuition fee is based on an hourly rate of $25 per week. The standard unit takes 5-8 weeks to complete. Tuition rates are non-negotiable. Payment is accepted through PayPal. Classes will not begin until payment has been received in full for that unit. Any additional units purchased must be paid for in full within seven (7) days of the start date. If payment is not received, classes will not continue. A Couch Readers reserves the right to use any and all means of collection available under applicable law to collect any amount past due. A Couch Readers and its customers consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of any state or federal court regarding any disputes arising out of customer’s registration for classes.


If a student must withdraw from a course before the start of the first class, the tuition paid will be refunded minus a $35.00 administrative fee. If a student must withdraw once a class has already started, there will be no refund for the full weeks already taught (a full week constitutes any partial week with lessons planned for and uploaded to PowerSchool), plus a $35 administrative fee. If a class has already been taught completely, no refunds will be provided. Any request for withdrawal must be made in writing by email. Upon cancellation of a class, no further support or grade reporting will be provided for that class. Refunds, if due based on the above criteria, will be processed within 45 days.


Curriculum is designed by A Couch Readers teachers. While taking into account the interests of students, the teacher is most familiar with best practice curriculum. Substitutions to this curriculum can be made within reason, but ultimately the teacher makes the decisions on what curriculum will be taught in each unit. A Couch Readers classes are not necessarily designed to serve students with special emotional, social, psychological, or physical needs, although some accommodations may be possible. Please discuss these situations with the teacher.

Grades and Transcripts

The assignment of final grades for purposes of a parent-tracked and parent-produced homeschool transcript is always the responsibility of the homeschool parent. A Couch Readers will provide a letter grade and progress report at the end of each unit. If a student completes three consecutive units, A Couch Readers will give a Midterm Exam and provide a Semester Grade. If a student completes six consecutive units, A Couch Readers will give a Final Exam and provide a Semester Grade and Year Grade. This can be used by the parent when creating their homeschool transcript.  All grades will be provided within one week of the completion of the unit.

Assignment Expectations

All classes will have assignments, activities, and projects that must be completed. Not all assignments will receive a grade. In order for the student to keep up with the course material, obtain the greatest benefit from the class, and to be respectful of the teacher's time, all work should be completed. Assignments that are not completed may receive a grade of zero, and affect the overall grade in the class. This assignment may be turned in late with a penalty. A conference may be requested with the parent/guardian, teacher, and student if a student routinely or repeatedly fails to complete assignments, or is uncooperative or non-participative.

Academic Honesty

Academic Misconduct occurs when a student has not acted in an academically honest manner such as committing: plagiarism (representation of another’s words or works without proper acknowledgement/citations); copying another student’s work, collusion (aiding academic misconduct of another student); cheating (giving or receiving unauthorized aid on an assignment or examination); lying (communicating untruths or misrepresentations or falsifying information); stealing (intentionally taking the real or academic property of another, without permission); or any other behavior that gives an unfair advantage to a student or that affects the results of another student.

If a student is suspected of engaging in academic misconduct, a meeting shall be held with the teacher, the parent/guardian, and the student to determine the next course of action. The student will receive an automatic zero on the assignment, and may or may not have the option to make it up.

Behavior Conduct

Students and parents/guardians are expected to behave appropriately at all times. Students are expected to speak to each other, parents/guardians, and instructors in a courteous, respectful manner at all times. Cursing/swearing (i.e. using obscenities, profanity, racial/sexual slurs) with the intent to insult or intimidate someone or using derogatory or threatening language will not be tolerated and will be treated as a conduct violation. A Couch Readers has zero tolerance towards bullying of any type by students, parents, or guardians. Anyone who is disruptive or engages in bullying will be asked to leave the class or the program. A student asked to leave a class or the program due to inappropriate behavior will not receive a refund for his/her remaining classes.

Inclusion & Diversity

A Couch Readers is an inclusive and welcoming program with no religious or other affiliation.