Plans & Pricing


Instructional Units

Each unit is designed to be taught in 6-8 weeks (dependent on the needs of your student and your homeschool schedule). The calendar shows an example of a 9th grade full year comprised of SIX units and a traditional September start date. However, you can choose to start at any point in the year and spread the units out over the course of 12 months.

The cost of the units include:

  • Tailored lessons, quizzes, projects, and tests that meet state standards.

  • Materials graded by the instructor,  for student/parent records, writing samples for applications, and state submission requirements.

  • PowerSchool Haiku Learning and Google Drive for a learning platform, with instructions for use by students and parents.

    • If students do not have a gmail account, a personalized account can be created.​

  • Progress reports at the end of each unit.

    • Report cards for a completed semester or entire year, with midterm and final exam​.

  • Books, which will be mailed to you before the start of the unit​​.

    • All additional materials will be available on Google Drive​.

  • Office hours with timely email and text response​.

Piles of Books

Instructional Units Pricing


Individual Units


each week

valid for 6 weeks

First Unit


each week

25% discount on your first unit for first time students.

valid for 6 weeks

Second Unit


each week

20% discount on your 2nd unit when purchasing two units together.

valid for 6 weeks

Co-op Bundle


each week

10% discount for groups of 4 or more students within the same grade level.

valid for 6 weeks

Additional Services

Online Learning.
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Video Conferencing

$30 per hour

Using Google Meet, I can provide one-on-one lessons with your child. If they need assistance understanding a concept, editing a paper, brainstorming a topic, studying for an exam, or fine-tuning that college admissions essay, then a video conference might be more beneficial than the chats and emails included with the unit pricing. 
*This is for students enrolled in A Couch Readers classes.


$45 per hour

I can work with students in public school, private school, and homeschool English Language Arts studies. Some skills I can assist with include: grammar, research, comprehension strategies, critical thinking, creative writing, persuasive writing, essays, revising and editing, brainstorming topics, and much more.