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Calling all homeschool families with children in middle school and high school!

The families who are looking for Unique and Affordable English Language Arts programs that take care of all your Reading, Writing, and Creative Writing needs, complete with interactive lessons, modern literature, feedback from a certified teacher, and grading.

A Couch Readers

Providing literature based, online English Language Arts instruction for Homeschool students in 6th-12th grade.


Unlock the secret of turning your child into a reader and a writer, heading off to college, even if they’ve never been a reader before.

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Does this sound familiar?

You struggled with Reading and Writing yourself in school, and the thought of teaching your teen worries you.

You’re looking for something fun and different that your child will be interested in, and learn to love writing.

What comes naturally to you, is not coming naturally to your child, and you don’t know why.

You can’t find the resources at this level that are already planned out for you by a knowledgable teacher.

You need guidance, with feedback, on what is age appropriate.

You don’t have enough background in the “rules” of English.


Amber Couch

Librarian - Teacher - Lesson Creator

Here’s why I’m the perfect person to help you. I’m a certified librarian and English teacher, with a gifted endorsement. I have been teaching for almost two decades in both public schools and for homeschooled students and groups. I am a graduate of Nevada State College with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Science in Library Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

It was my love of books that first had me leave the classroom and go back to college for my library degree. It brings me great joy to talk about books with kids, teachers, or parents. I can talk about magic schools, dragons, space odysseys, love triangles, and tragic teenage angst all day. However, as my career as a librarian progressed, I saw the way English Language Arts was being taught in Public School and it broke my heart. Common Core and state standards have taken the joy of reading out of the English curriculum.

That's when I started teaching ELA to homeschool students. There is a freedom to homeschool that I will never achieve in public school. With my homeschool curriculum, I am able to be incredibly creative with the novels I choose, the lessons I craft, and I find that the students are so much more eager to learn because of that.

A Couch Readers helps homeschool families with English language arts and creative writing classes with a three-pronged approach:

A Young Woman Reading a Book
Distance Learning

Students will be able to read from a wide range of literature both for pleasure and to further their thirst for knowledge.

Students will be able to translate their thoughts and ideas into reliably researched essays using varied sentence structure and interesting vocabulary.

Studying at Home

Students will be able to create stories with three dimensional characters and imaginative worlds following a plot structure and using figurative language.


My Methods

All my lessons start with a novel, and are supported with articles, websites, virtual field trips, and cross-curricular classes that delve into history, science, anthropology, and even astronomy. Each class is rich with vocabulary, grammar, lessons in annotation, citations, research skills, and writing. Writing should be incorporated into every lesson rather than a standalone subject. This gives it relevance both in everyday use and for the student's understanding.

By choosing novels that are modern, with characters and storylines that are interesting to today's preteens and teenagers, my curriculum creates an engaging program students are eager to participate in and learn from.

With A Couch Readers, I complete all the work for you. Your child will have weekly classwork, complete with vocabulary, grammar, projects, and tests. I grade and provide feedback, along with a progress report at the end of the unit. Students who enroll in a semester or a year bundle of classes will receive a report card to include in transcripts submitted to the state evaluators. Plus there’s no membership fee or expensive software to purchase!

I know what you're thinking.

How is this different from a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all homeschool English box kit or work book?

A workbook kit is fine for the average student with mediocre needs, but individualized instruction gives the benefit of diverse academic and intellectual challenges. Having a professionally trained and experienced teacher can also help to pinpoint a learning issue or find a missed integral point in their fundamental skills that can snowball into a larger problem as they progress. Pinpointing these issues, correcting them, and then moving forward is such a relief for the student, and the parent.

I’m too busy to plan for this. How involved do I have to be?

I will craft every aspect of your English Language Arts education, from the lessons themselves to the platform they are presented on. There's really no requirement from the parent outside of some initial discussion about goals and observations of the student. At the end, I will provide you with a report card and high school transcripts.

It sounds like it’s going to take a lot of time?

Actually, just the opposite! I take care of everything: reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary, quizzes, projects, tests, all of it! Most middle school and high school teachers spend 5-6 hours a week lesson planning, just for one subject. Homeschool parents teach all subjects and don't have that amount of time. When I asked parents how much time they spend planning for English, over 50% said less than an hour a week. 

As a homeschool parent, you are responsible for all of the subjects your child studies. Peeling off one of these responsibilities allows you more time for course planning in the subjects you are more comfortable with. Let me give you that time back.

Can you really promise my child will be college ready?

The first student I worked with was pulled out of public school by his parents due to failing grades. He had received a 67% in English on the end of year standardized test. The first semester his mom used an English workbook at home and his ELA test scores barely changed. There was not enough improvement for her, so she enrolled him in A Couch Readers. He improved to a 95% after his first semester of instruction with me, and qualified for Dual Enrollment at the community college at 14 years old. He will have two Associates Degrees before he graduates high school.


The Books of Knowledge Method

  • Inquire: Students build background knowledge, ask questions, and make connections

  • Ponder: Students seek out information, use a variety of sources, and shift their perspectives

  • Create: Students synthesize what they've learned, communicate their learning to an audience, and share how they learned it

  • Reflect: Students think about what they learned, reflect on the next steps to take, and evaluate how they can do better next time.

Image by Jeferson Santu

I can't thank you enough for your amazingness and eruditiousness and awesomocity!  I wish my 9th grade English class had been this interesting and well thought through!

Mom of a 9th Grader


I see a change in his desire to form individual opinions (as opposed to just aping ours), a greater tendency toward reading independently of anything I give him, and just the hint of a grown up's personality coming to life (aided by the sporadic crack in his voice).  I think it will be a VERY interesting year!

Dad of an 8th Grader

Image by leah hetteberg

Please know that you've been so much of a blessing to our family!  P's success in so many areas is due in no small part to your brilliance as a teacher, your efforts as an educator, and your advice to us in pretty much all areas with him.  We appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

Mom of an 11th grader

Registering NOW for Spring Semester!

Registration Begins January 15th


Semester Bundle

  • THREE classes and a conference with me to figure out which classes will best meet the needs of your student. (average value = $465)