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Frequently Asked Questions


How is custom teaching better than cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all homeschool English box kits or workbooks?

The first student I worked with was originally using an English workbook at home. His English Language Arts test scores increased from a 73% to an 89% after his first year of instruction with me. Custom teaching allows for one-on-one instruction geared towards the needs of your student. A workbook kit is fine for the average student with mediocre needs, but individualized instruction gives the benefit of diverse academic and intellectual challenges. Having a professionally trained and experienced teacher can also help to pinpoint a learning issue or find a missed integral point in their fundamental skills that can snowball into a larger problem as they progress. Pinpointing these issues, mitigating them, and then moving forward is such a relief for the student, and the parent. Proper foundations in reading, writing, and communicating skills are key to all areas in school. Sometimes, when homeschooling, it can also be beneficial to have your child work with an external authority figure so that they learn how to interact with a non-relative during the school experience.

As a parent, do I have to do anything? How involved am I?

I will craft every aspect of your English Language Arts education, from the lessons themselves to the platform they are presented on. There's really no requirement from the parent outside of some initial discussion about goals and observations of the student. I will provide the online platform we conduct our lessons from, purchase the novels, and have them delivered to you by the beginning of the learning unit. At the end, I will provide you with a report card and high school transcripts. My work with your student is really organic, fast paced, engaging, and challenging.  And although I invite parents to be involved, it's not required at any point. As a homeschool parent, you are responsible for all of the subjects you child studies. Peeling off one of these responsibilities allows you more time for course planning in the subjects you are more comfortable with.

What skills will my child learn?

Each year students will learn basics skills such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary, along with research skills and basic writing. As they continue their education, these skills will grow in difficulty, progressing from a paragraph to a thesis essay to a research paper. Students will learn to think critically, inquire about subjects of interest to them, and craft research topics, while utilizing website evaluation tools to ensure they find credible sources. Students will read rich literature that combines both classics and modern novels, analyzing theme, recognizing symbols, and critiquing an author's choices. Ultimately, these skills naturally lead towards preparation for the SATs, college essays, and scholarship applications. Most importantly, students will learn that English is the foundation of all other subjects. With a solid understanding of reading, writing, and communication skills, they can be successful in any subject.

What would the school day look like?

I can customize the instruction to meet the needs of your child. Typically, I will post the week's assignments in PowerSchool on Monday morning with due dates throughout the week. Students can work on these assignments at their own pace. There are also larger projects that may have due dates longer than a week. As the student grows, we will practice time managements skills for larger and more complex projects in preparation for higher grade levels and college level academics. In doing so, they will be ready to meet the demands of college professors or employers without hesitation. Throughout the week, I am available during office hours by email or chat if your child has any questions about the assignment. We can schedule video conferencing with your student if they need additional help understanding a concept, brainstorming a project, or revising an essay.

Can I afford it?

I have a wide range of services that offer you flexibility with regard to budget, from single units to a full annual curriculum. There are family and group discounts available. All texts and materials are included, so there are no surprise costs. Many of my students have passed college entrance exams to receive credit for beginning level English classes, saving on college costs and allowing for dual enrollment in community college while still in high school, significantly reducing the cost of college both in time and money.

The costs of not having a good foundation in English or not dealing with reading/writing/critical thinking holes in academics have been shown to have long lasting effects into adulthood, causing students to be rejected from the better colleges, jobs, and positions in society.  Unlike most courses, where getting the grade or fulfilling the requirements for advancement to the next grade level are at the fore, these courses look further to prepare the student for life well beyond high school and college. Communication, professionalism, and an understanding of everyday problem solving is part and parcel of a good English foundation.  No matter what your student pursues later in life, a solid ability to deconstruct a situation and communicate their work is invaluable.

When can we start?

You don't have to wait for August or September to start. You don't even need to wait until the next semester. I am ready to help you start planning your English Language Arts curriculum right now. Fill out the form on the Home page to get started.