Units of Study

Below are a few examples of the topics and units that I can teach. Anything can be customized within reason for your student, adjusted in length or difficulty, or created especially to the subjects of interest. If you can dream it, I can possibly create a lesson for it.

Every unit includes integrated lessons in vocabulary, grammar, and basic writing skills.


Creative Writing

Students will try their hand at writing their own stories, learning how to build their worlds, craft three dimensional characters, and develop plots filled with conflict. Creative writing helps to promote expression and bring a student alive. It's amazing sometimes, the stories buried in a child's soul.


Historical Fiction

Students will read novels covering historical time periods ranging from the Civil War to Victorian England to Stalin's Russia to WWII South Africa to the Harlem Renaissance. Quite often, starting with fiction with ignite a student's curiosity about what really happened in the past. This leads to research questions.


Current Events

Students will read novels that tackle tough topics being discussed around the world and at the dinner table. Topics like Bullying, racism, diversity, and equality. Students will be taught to think analytically, discuss with respect using logic and evidence, and apply what they learn to their own lives and future dreams.

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William Shakespeare has influenced so many modern authors, poets, movies, and television shows. His phrases are still being used in our everyday speech. No high school curriculum would be complete without studying his plays and poetry. Studies have shown that studying Shakespeare increases a child's standardized test scores.



Poetry takes many forms. It ranges from a three lined haiku to a Shakespearean sonnet to a novel in verse. Over a student's education, they will be exposed to all types of poetry, and will compose quite a bit of it themselves.