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Providing literature based, custom, online English Language Arts instruction for Homeschool students in 6th-12th grade.

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Novel Based Instructional Approach

Every class starts with a novel and the lessons grow from there. Studies have shown that children who read novels are more empathetic, score higher on standardized tests, and form a life-long love of reading. 

5-8 week classes on a self-contained, learning management platform, with all materials graded by the teacher. 

All classes incorporate writing into the lessons, whether it is expository, narrative, persuasive, or creative writing.

Each class incorporates vocabulary and grammar lesson, and ends with either a test or project. 

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 I can't thank you enough for your amazingness and eruditiousness and awesomocity!  I wish my 9th grade English class had been this interesting and well thought through!

Mom of a 9th Grader


My Teaching Philosophy

My name is Amber Couch. I have been working in education for almost two decades as a homeschool English teacher, a middle and high school librarian, and an elementary teacher. I am a graduate of Nevada State College with a Bachelor's of Science in Elementary Education and a Masters of Science in Library Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 

It was my love of books that first had me leave the classroom and go back to college for my library degree. It brings me great joy to talk about books with kids, teachers, or parents. I can talk magic schools, dragons, space odysseys, love triangles, and tragic teenage angst all day. However, as my career as a librarian progressed, I saw the way English Language Arts was being taught in Public School and it broke my heart. Common Core and state standards have taken the joy of reading out of the English curriculum. That's when I started teaching ELA to homeschool students. 

All my English lessons start with a novel, and are supported with articles, websites, virtual field trips, and cross-curricular classes that delve into history, science, anthropology, and even astronomy. Each class is rich with vocabulary, grammar, lessons in annotation, citations, research skills, and writing. Writing should be incorporated into every lesson rather than a standalone subject. This gives it relevancy both in everyday use and for the student's understanding.

By choosing novels that are modern, with characters and storylines that are interesting to today's preteens and teenagers, my curriculum creates an engaging program students are eager to participate in and learn from. 


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